The HMI will allow the person-in-the-loop to: (i) properly access and visualise predictions/metrics and models, (ii) assess why and how the model predicts something, (iii) Steer models by setting parameters, and (iv) evaluate alternatives using parameter steering and extending this process through speculative execution.

The DAYDREAMS objective will be assessed by validating the proposed solution using the following two-step approach: (i) A first validation at TRL 4 of the approaches (developed prescriptive asset management) using several internal scenarios and one scenario provided by the CFM IN2SMART2 project; (ii) A further validation of the DAYDREAMS methodologies integrated in a TRL 5 prototype using at least two scenarios: at least one internal scenario and the IN2SMART2 scenario. The validation will cover both the performances of the prototypes and its trust for future adoption in multi-actors environments.

The validation will be carried out by defining evaluation and validation metrics and KPIs: (i) linked to asset management problems to be solved by the involved Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and related baselines, (ii) quantified and measurable; (iii) referred to high-level KPIs defined in the S2R IMPACT2 CFM project, and (iv) useful to address multi-objective optimisation.