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    Development of prescriptive AnalYtics baseD on aRtificial intElligence for iAMS
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    IAMS - Intelligent Asset Management Systems
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    We put Artificial Intelligence at work for Railways
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    Make your (Day)Dreams a reality


The overall DAYDREAMS objective is to move forward the integration and use of data and artificial/human trustworthy intelligence together with context-driven HMI for prescriptive Intelligent Asset Management Systems (IAMS) in railway by (i) advancing in maintenance approach towards prescriptive asset management, (ii) improving the decision-making process by developing multi-objective decision optimisation approaches taking into account all implications of IAMS decisions in the railway environment, and (iii) reinforcing the role of the person-in-the-loop by designing and developing advanced context-driven HMIs to allow context- and risk-aware multiple-options decision-making processes.



Check out these videos to get a glimpse of the DAYDREAMS scenarios!

Click HERE to learn more about the scenario on “Monitoring of track geometry and location of rail defects”. Click HERE to learn more about the scenario on "Management of Track Circuits in a Metro Environment”. Click 

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Join us at InnoTrans and learn more about the project!

DAYDREAMS will be disseminated during the thirteenth edition of InnoTrans, the world’s leading trade fair with a focus on rail, which will take place from 20 to 23 September 2022 in Berlin. Come and learn more about the project either at the UNIFE stand (number 660 in Hall 27) or the EU-Rail stand (number 511 in Hall 27).



Click HERE To read the paper that was published for the ESANN2022 conference titled: Simple Non Regressive Informed Machine Learning Model for Predictive Maintenance of Railway Critical Assets

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