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    Development of prescriptive AnalYtics baseD on aRtificial intElligence for iAMS
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    IAMS - Intelligent Asset Management Systems
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    We put Artificial Intelligence at work for Railways
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    Make your (Day)Dreams a reality


The overall DAYDREAMS objective is to move forward the integration and use of data and artificial/human trustworthy intelligence together with context-driven HMI for prescriptive Intelligent Asset Management Systems (IAMS) in railway by (i) advancing in maintenance approach towards prescriptive asset management, (ii) improving the decision-making process by developing multi-objective decision optimisation approaches taking into account all implications of IAMS decisions in the railway environment, and (iii) reinforcing the role of the person-in-the-loop by designing and developing advanced context-driven HMIs to allow context- and risk-aware multiple-options decision-making processes.



DAYDREAMS project officially kicked-off on the 09/12/2020!

The DAYDREAMS project kick-off meeting was successfully held on the 09/12/2020, with the presence of representatives from ERA and Shift2Rail, but also of the corresponding S2R CFM project IN2SMART2. During this online event, the project partners presented an outline of the planned activities.  

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