High Level Objectives

The DAYDREAMS project will achieve its Scope through the following main objectives:

  1. Advancing in maintenance approach by moving from preventive and predictive asset management towards prescriptive asset management;
  2. Largely improving the decision-making process by developing multi-objective decision optimisation approaches thus taking into account all possible (often conflicting) implications of IAMS decisions in the railway environment (e.g., on Traffic Management System, Energy, Freight, etc.);
  3. Reinforcing the role of the person-in-the-loop by designing and developing advanced context-driven Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to allow context- and risk-aware multiple-options decision-making processes supported by the information on data sensitivity and robustness. The HMI will allow the person-in-the-loop to:
  • Properly access and visualise predictions/metrics and models;
  • Assess why and how the model predicts something (“opening the black-box”);
  • Steer models by setting parameters;
  • Evaluate alternatives using parameter steering and extending this process through speculative execution.