The activity of DAYDREAMS will follow an iterative methodology organised in the following main activities: guidelines definition, requirements gathering and scenario formulation, components developments, IAMS prototype integration, validation and assessment. In particular:

  • The guidelines allow for an agreement on the main interplay between the different activities;
  • Requirements will be collected from the internal and external stakeholders and concrete business scenarios will be specified;
  • The individual components (prescriptive analytics, multi-objective optimisation, human-machine interface) will follow a research-design-implementation-test cycle separately, and then will be integrated into a complete IAMS prototype for a unified demonstration on real data and business scenarios and a thorough assessment.
  • The work-plan foresees two main iteration cycles, so to incrementally build a robust and effective integrated solution:
  • The first iteration will provide a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that integrates the basic versions of components, processes, artifacts and models;
  • The results of the MVP assessment will constitute the retrospective analysis that will feed the second and final iteration, leading to the final integrated and assessed IAMS prototype.