The DAYDREAMS objectives will be assessed by validating the proposed solution using the following two-step approach:

  1. The validation of TRL 4 approaches (developed prescriptive asset management and multi-objective decision optimisation) using several internal scenarios and one scenario provided by IN2SMART2 (CFM project);
  2. The validation of the DAYDREAMS methodologies integrated into a TRL 5 prototype using at least two scenarios: one internal scenario and the IN2SMART2 scenario. The validation will cover both the performances of the prototypes and their trust for future adoption in multi-actors environments.

For the purpose of achieving a tightly integrated prototype, criteria and guidelines will be developed at the beginning of the work, and the design will be iteratively conducted. The tight schedule imposed by the call coupled with the aimed significant advance with respect to the state-of-the-art, requires an agile methodological approach to software development. The proposed approach will provide not only a specific solution for intelligent asset management in railway but also multiple reusable components to maximise the exploitation and innovation potential in other domains.

The assessment of the sensitivity and robustness of the technological tools, the evaluation of the developed IAMS prototype, and its validation at TRL5 on the basis of the selected scenarios will be the focus of the final phase.