The European railway network includes more than 300.000 km of tracks, connecting pervasively all cities and towns and representing a key asset in the European transportation ecosystem.

Such impressive network provides in fact a safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport system to millions of European citizens. To keep and improve such performance level, it is essential the role of maintenance practices and the capability to improve them.

The European Shift2Rail (S2R) Joint Undertaking (JU) has established in its Multi Annual Action Plan (MAAP) that for “delivering the capabilities to bring about the most sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing, time-driven, digital and competitive customer-driven transport mode for Europe,” among other characteristics, intelligent maintenance should be introduced to increase capacity and availability and to reduce maintenance costs.

The DAYDREAMS project overall goal is to move forward from the current state-of-art towards the integration and use of data and artificial/human trustworthy intelligence together with context-driven HMI for prescriptive Intelligent Asset Management Systems (IAMS).