Previous projects (e.g., IN2RAIL and IN2DREAMS) have successfully addressed condition-based and predictive maintenance approaches, improving traditional reactive and preventive maintenance methodologies. DAYDREAMS will exploit state-of-the-art technologies to tackle the complexity and to exploit the business value of the prescriptive approaches already showing up in several industrial fields. DAYDREAMS will take care also of adding trust by means of blockchain and smart technologies (inherited from IN2DREAMS) to track and monitor the IAMS adoption and use in multi actors’ environments.

The prescriptive approach is not only able to answer questions like “What is happening?” (the condition-based approach), or “What will happen?” (the predictive approach), but it can provide answers to questions like “What could be done?” and “What are the best options?” optimising - under context-specific asset management constraints - preferences and KPIs of railway stakeholders. Additionally, as part of the S2R ecosystem, it is only natural that the developments envisaged in DAYDREAMS will be closely linked with the developments of other S2R projects, not only in connection to the 3rd Innovation Programme (IP), but also other IPs as depicted in the figure below.